Fürstentum Rheinbergen

Below the nobility in Fürstentum Rheinbergen are the Ritter (Knights) and Bürger (Citizens).  Ritter is a rank within the
honours system and may be attained through merit. Bürger are the general populace of Rheinbergen and the station where everyone who is accepted for citizenship begins their adventure in Rheinbergen society.

 Applications for citizenship are now being accepted.

There are also two qualities of Barons within the micronation of Rheinbergen. One group consists of the extended family of the Fürst von und zu Rheinbergen. Upon applying for citizenship, these individuals are immediately given the title

Baron von Rheinbergen as a courtesy to their relationship to the Fürst. 

The only Barons von Rheinbergen within the micronation are extended members of the royal family.

The second quality of Barons are persons active within the micronation of Rheinbergen. They will receive a descriptive title tied to the flora and fauna of the Rhine valley. The title of Baron is achieved through activities of merit by citizens within Rheinbergen as recognized by the Fürst. Barons will display the coronet of rank above their shield when serving or acting in baronial capacity in the Fürstentum of Rheinbergen.


In Rheinbergen there are two qualities of Grafen. When a citizen, active within the micronation of Rheinbergen, is deemed worthy of the title, he is elevated to the station of Graf with a locative title tied to the geology and hydrology of the river, i.e. its tributaries, mountains and unique geological formations. Achievement of this title is accomplished purely through acts of merit and participation within the micronation of Rheinbergen.

The second type of Rheinbergen Graf is titled simply Graf von Rheinbergen. This  title can be awarded by Fürst von und zu Rheinbergen to people who are not citizens of Rheinbergen. It is reserved as a singular honorary title and recognition for people of any nationality, nominated by others (Charities, Education Institutions, people within Rheinbergen, etc.) who have through their personal good works or charitable donations fostered improvements in the ecology of the Rhine River.

Grafen  may be identified by a distincitve coronet ensigning their arms, when used within the  Fürstentum.

There are six Landgrafen in Rheinbergen, each ceremonially tied to one of
the six provinces. If in abeyance, the title of Landgraf is held by the Fürst. The Fürst may award the title with consent of the current Landgrafen and under advisement of the Staatsrat.  Once elevated to Landgraf, the office holder is expected to sit on the Staatsrat, promote ecologic initiatives, suggest projects of merit for Rheinbergian participation, be part of the nomination process for honouring Rheinbergians and be the direct representatives of the Fürst within their respective provinces.

Landgrafen may be identified by a distincitve coronet ensigning the arms of their province.

The Royal Family are the senior members of ther House of Cornielje. The current Noble family is headed by

Gerardus Wilhelmus Theodorus Cornielje, Fürst von und zu Rheinbergen. 

The Fürstin is Rachel Naomi Cornielje- Ben-Dror. The Fürst’s children are Erbprinz Maxwell James Everhard Cornielje, Prinz Moritz Christopher Gerhard Cornielje, and Prinzessin Amelia Catharina Maria Cornielje. More on the Royal family can be located on the Cornielje page.  The crowns of the royal family, which reflect their place in the line of succession, ensign the Cornielje arms, when used in the micronation of Rheinbergen.

All titles and honours in the micronation of Fürstentum Rheinbergen flow from Fürst von und zu Rheinbergen. Rheinbergen has a robust hierarchy of nobility, as well as two Orders of Merit.

There are no fees required to become a Bürger of Rheinbergen nor any monetary charges for ascending to nobility. The people of Rheinbergen acquire honour through merit.

Bürger participate at any level where they are comfortable and aspire to positions of trust or

honour as they may desire.

Rheinbergen honours activities of merit related either to the ecological improvement of the Rhine or to the running of the micronation.
In the Forum the Fürst or his Government may request assistance for projects related to research, writing or publication of papers or articles, to management of the forum, to assistance in the college of arms, or to some other sort of participation. The citizens of Rheinbergen may also suggest activities they believe will provide positive effect on the ecology of the Rhein or improve the processes and management of the running of Rheinbergen. All suggestions will be considered.