Fürstentum Rheinbergen

Rheinbergen Second

USA first, Rheinbergen second!

Rheinbergen citizen supports International Heraldry Day

Rheinbergen Bürger, James Rourke, sports his IHD shirt and citizenship certificate on Valentines Day. "I love Rheinbergen, I love Heraldry and the two compliment each other beautifully as shown in my new citizenship certificate."

Rheinbergen has extraordinary neighbor states, picturesque waters, a stupendous royal family and is interested in raising awareness of the ecological problems encountered on an International Waterway.

They've developed some great heraldry for their Provinces and the entire Furstentum Rheinbergen which reflects their aquatic orientation and their neighbour's mythology...

So, my support of Rheinbergen is based on the sense of activism through the enjoyable construct of a micronation which has heraldry. International Heraldry Day and Rheinbergen, to me.. are complimentary activities which I enjoy immensely