Fürstentum Rheinbergen

Emblems of Rank

In Rheinbergen, emblems of rank at the highest level include the crowns of the Royal Family, ribbons and badges of the Rheingold Ehren Orden and coronets of the titled nobility then flow down through the neck ribbons and badges of the knights.  The Principality’s emblems of rank are completely unique to Rheinbergen but have some similarities to several of the historical crowns and coronets of our neighbors.  For example, the Fürst’s Princely Crown is very similar to that of the crown of the Prince of Liechtenstein.

Outside and above the titled nobility are members of the Rheingold Ehren Orden, a very small number of friends and associates with direct ties to the Fürst.

Members of the Rheingold Ehren Orden wear a neck ribbon with badge.

Membership is conferred for life.

In Fürstentum Rheinbergen the nobility use coronets of rank.  

Representation of these coronets are displayed above their arms of office.

The seated nobility include Grafen, Landgrafen and Barons. 

Ritter, Offiziere and Kommandeure im Orden der Rheinberge have helms befitting their respective stations, neck ribbons and badges.

There are three levels in the Orden der Rheinberge: Ritter, Offizier and Kommandeur. 

Ritter von Rheinbergen (Knight Bachelor) are not part of any Order and have a helm befitting their rank plus a badge hung below their shield.

In Rheinbergen, all coronets are displayed above the shield without helm or mantling.  Seated nobility may have two supporters at the pleasure of Fürst von und zu Rheinbergen.  Single supporters will not be granted nor registered, but can be used in heraldic display as artistic additions by any citizen not previously granted two supporters.

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