The arms of the principality of Rheinbergen

Wappen des Fürstentums Rheinbergen

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Fürstentum Rheinbergen

​Welcome to Fürstentum Rheinbergen,

a charming independent state

covering the entire length of the river Rhine.

Uniquely situated in the middle of Europe

and bordering on six nations,

 Fürstentum Rheinbergen

is an ecologically orientated nation

with a stable, traditional,

yet open-minded government.

Our primary focus is to establish a healthy river for present and future generations.

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Fürstentum Rheinbergen

Fürstentum Rheinbergen has borders with six nations.

From its origins at the Rheinwaldhorn Glacier it stretches over 1,232 km before reaching the North Sea.

The principality of Rheinbergen is a socially responsible nation focused on

the ecological issues of our river Rhine.

Fürstentum Rheinbergen would like to raise awareness of

the importance of a clean river. 

Research into sustainable solutions is actively supported and 

a healthy river for present and future generations is our goal.

The principality is divided into six provinces:

Alp-Rheinbergen, Hoch-Rheinbergen, Ober-Rheinbergen, Mittel-Rheinbergen, Nieder-Rheinbergen and Neder-Rijnbergen.

The 6 provinces constitute the highest level of the administrative subdivisions of Fürstentum Rheinbergen,

each denoting a jurisdiction under the supervision of a Landgraf.

From Alp-Rheinbergen, via Hoch-Rheinbergen, Ober-Rheinbergen, Mittel-Rheinbergen, Nieder-Rheinbergen down to Neder-Rijnbergen,

the respective languages spoken are: English, German, French and Dutch.

English and German being the common languages between the provinces.

The diversity in cultures, languages and landscapes make Fürstentum Rheinbergen into a unique nation among its European neighbours.

Rheinbergen - the sparkling ribbon of Europe.

Applications for citizenship are now being considered.